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BeetActive® Concentrate Beetroot Juice 473ml


  • 100% natural premium beetroot concentrate.
  • No added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings.
  • Each 30ml serving contains the concentrated juice from approximately 4 beetroots.
  • Each 30ml serving contains 229mg of dietary nitrates.



BeetActive® is a 100% premium quality beetroot concentrate. As with our other concentrates there are no added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives. BeetActive® Concentrate is naturally sweet tasting and is a great source of dietary nitrates. A single serving of 30ml contains the concentrated juice of approximately 4 beetroots.

This 500ml bottle makes approximately 16 glasses of diluted beetroot juice.

BeetActive® Concentrate beetroot juice is chosen by health-conscious and active consumers that appreciate the benefits of premium quality nutrition. Beetroots are subject to ongoing research into their beneficial, active nutrients.

We recommend new customers buy an initial three-month supply of CherryActive.

BeetActive® Concentrate Beetroot Juice 473ml

SKU: CH006


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