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Sodasan Washing Up Liquid Lemon 500ml

Sodasan Washing Up Liquid leaves your crockery, cutlery and glasses looking sparkling clean and streak free. Dishwashing with Sodasan has never been so easy. The concentrated washing up liquid makes a little goes a long way all you need is one squirt of washing up liquid in the sink, for all your dirty dishes. Benefits:

Yes Economical to use

Yes Exceptional grease dissolving action

Yes Fresh fragrance of Lemon from pure essential oils

Yes No colouring or preservatives

Yes No optical brighteners

Yes 1000ml of washing up liquid for 250 washes

Yes Sugar Surfactants

Yes Biodegradable 

Yes Not tested on animals

Yes Kind to hands

Yes Suitable for septic tanks and reed beds 

Yes Certified by Ecocert

Yes Certified by Eco Guarantee

Yes Certified Vegan

Sodasan Washing Up Liquid Lemon 500ml

SKU: SD005

Water, sugar surfactants, coconut fatty alcohol sulphates, evaporated salt, citrates, natural perfume oil

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